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All Wega espresso machines require water that is filtered in order to be covered under warranty. We highly reccommend BWT Best Max Water products.


This unique water system performs four functions with one cartridge: maintaining proper water hardness (softening), taste, odor reduction (carbon filtration), and sediment reduction (filtration).


Would you like to obtain perfect coffee? The secret resides also in the quality of the water, as well as, of course, in the characteristics of the grain and in the technology of the machine.

Water hardness is linked to the content of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates, which can cause deposits in the internal circuitry and prevent the transmission of the heat. In order to protect the vital parts of the machine and the sensory qualities of the coffee – water is, in fact, one of the main ingredients of espresso – Wega has adopted a multi-functional filtration system, so as to ensure the best technology and protection against waste deposits.


The BWT water+more filtration system is specially designed for coffee machines and optimizes the quality of water, ensuring the absence of particles, great taste, and lack of odor.

Bestmax Soft filters can be provided with a digital “Acquameter” to monitor the ability of the filter and the remaining life and a test kit to determine the total and carbonate hardness of the water. Available in different sizes, the replacement cartridges can be recycled, in line with the green spirit that unites the products in the line of accessories by Wega.

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